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The perfectionist in me has put this moment off for MONTHS now. What should my first post be? How long should it be? Should I include pictures? What kinds of things to I want to post about? Ugh. Just do it already.

Here it is.
Exciting, isn’t it? I’m sure I’ll have…three page views by the end of the night (all mine).

Why does the world need another mommy blogger? (Dear Lord, I hate that term)
There are a lot of great blogs out there, do I have anything to say to add to that conversation? Or am I just going to be another voice in an already overflowing sea of moms chiming in with their 2 cents on everything from toilet training in food courts to how to teach the abcs.

I guess we’ll see.

Introspectively, I just want to see if I can still write. Can I put coherent thoughts together? In a way that’s legible to other people? I guess this is just my challenge to myself. Anyone who want to come along on this journey with me…well…great?


Author: Growing Up Good

Mom of 3 under 6. Expert coffee drinker. Homeschooler. Wanna-be-sewer. From-scratch cooker. And pizza orderer.

One thought on “jump right in

  1. Anna! I think that you’ll find that whatever you decide to write about will make you feel good, productive, etc. Starting is the absolute hardest, keeping it going is almost just as difficult if not more. The term “mommy blogger” is kind of daunting and silly, but it doesn’t need to be. You are sharing your experiences, your ideas, your life, your mission…isn’t that what everyone is trying to do? Don’t be discouraged by the amt. of views you may or may not get. Do this for yourself, the rest will come. 🙂 Love, Sarah

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