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MN Adventures, part 1 Visiting a Produce Farm.


I am a Minnesota girl. I love my home state. LOVE it. So whenever I get the chance, I will take my kids back for a visit.  This summer was my first time driving solo. Unfortunately, Kyle doesn’t have oodles of vacation time to spend on a leisurely visit, so I got to take the kids without him. We spent almost 3 weeks in the land of 10,000 lakes, and man, were we busy! It was a great, great visit, and I’m excited to share some of our adventures.

First up, we visited my Aunt’s farm. My Aunt Joyce is one of my favorite people in the whole world. She’s been an inspiration in my life and is just an all-around amazing person. I try to see her every time I’m back in Minnesota, and this summer I was lucky enough to get to bring the kids out to visit and see her gardens. We had tried the year before, but it was a record high day- 102! Of course, the day we visited the heat index was creeping up, again! I believe it was in the upper 90s the day these pics were taken. Joyce was gave us a fabulous tour of all the plants they had growing. I was excited to have the kids see a real, live garden and see where food comes from.

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2 thoughts on “MN Adventures, part 1 Visiting a Produce Farm.

  1. Great pictures! As Minnesotans, we can really appreciate a good farm scene, eh? What a wonderful experience and memories for the kids.

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