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Monster (0f a) Thursday


Today I had a plan of a fun, creative monster-themed morning.

We had a monster themed morning, alright.

We read three monster stories. The each made a monster. We did our lessons- Saxon math, phonics, fine motor skills, letter recognition, sight words, MCP math, mazes, and even watched a few Sesame Street videos on youtube. They watched part of an episode of Scooby Doo, I made leftovers for lunch, took a quick shower when Kyle came home, and then Elliot and I made 5 more monsters and then he decorated a man into “Elliot’s Electric Bug Person” and now he’s coloring a pirate scene.

Two of my children are napping, and my oldest is happily coloring next to me and appears content while I type this.

So what’s the problem? The problem is that my ideal plan for the day, and how it was carried out are 2 different things. I have this expectation that my children will listen to me the first time I tell them to do something, and will not be naughty in between activities. Is that too much to ask? (that’s a bit rhetorical). I get frustrated, and I yell. And then I get mad at myself for yelling. And then I feel guilty.

I’ve anaylized my morning, and the source of frustration stems from two incidents:

1) Putting Edison down for his nap. Apparently Elliot and Mary can not get along for 5 minutes if I’m on a different floor of the house. Will need to separate before I do this again.

2) That half-hour before lunch. I’ve got the pizza in the oven reheating, I’m reheating Edison and Mary’s spaghetti in the microwave. I’ve gotten out plates and silverware, but I’m also trying to add more info into a spreadsheet I’m working on while I’ve got a few moments before the pizza is done. Again with the sibling squabbles. Sent the older one upstairs, and that was another battle. He’s old enough to pick on his sister until she cried, but not old enough to go to his room by himself? Hmmmm.  Trying to teach him the lesson of listening the first time. Reminded (ie nagged) him of the times I asked him to do something else.

Sigh. I’ll figure this out.

We got a lot done today. We did. The lessons actually went great. I’m learning how to motivate Mary, who is VERY different from Elliot (I’ve never had to worry about motivating him).  Elliot’s decoding skills are blowing my mind. And, Elliot and I had fun creating monsters again while the other 2 were sleeping. So, I’m going to focus on the good here. I NEED to focus on the good.

So, to end on a good note, here are few pics from our morning:

Monster #1

Mary, working on tracing some letters, numbers, and words.

Elliot, working on counting and writing the number.

Mary, matching letters.

Edison, eating like a champ, sitting like a big boy up at the table!

Monster #3 (#2 was camera shy)

My 2 monsters!


Author: Growing Up Good

Mom of 3 under 6. Expert coffee drinker. Homeschooler. Wanna-be-sewer. From-scratch cooker. And pizza orderer.

2 thoughts on “Monster (0f a) Thursday

  1. My daughter and nephew battle like siblings, and it can be frustrating at times. Especially when I’m asking them to do something, or I need them to keep busy for a minute while I do something (make lunch, prepare a project, let the dogs outside, etc). I’ll yell sometimes, and then I pretty much always feel guilty about it. I don’t want to yell or get frustrated with them, they are just kids, but it can be hard when you’re doing a bunch of things all day long. The little squabbles can be overwhelming at times. I try to take a deep breath and respond calmly.

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting! Sometimes, it takes a moment to for me to remind myself that *I* am the adult. And while they are children, they do have minds and opinions and feelings of their own. And I need to remember that, too. Learning how to let the little things go, that’s what I need to improve!

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