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64 baby items. One melancholy heart.

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Today I have taken the biggest step towards “No More Babies” that I’ve ever taken. I’ve sorted, washed, hung, priced and tagged 64 outfits, sleepers, costumes, jackets and other miscellaneous baby items for a local resale event (aka a consignment sale). I started consigning last Spring, just so I could get into the just-for-consignors pre-sale (the last time I went on a Saturday morning I stood in line for almost 3 hours, it was THAT crazy). This time I kicked it up a notch. Half wanting to just purge a bunch of stuff, half wanting to actually make a little money, I gathered up a lot more than I anticipated.

My husband helped me haul the swing and the exersaucer (which was only retired a few months ago, when Edison learned to pull himself out of it) up from the basement and load it in the van, along with two huge Ikea bags full of the clothes I’ve gathered. Right now, the swing is making me have second thoughts. Elliot slept in it for five months. FIVE. MONTHS. He had reflux, and it’s the only way we could get him to sleep, other than holding him. I hadn’t thought about those months in a long time, but tonight, as we loaded it into the van, I couldn’t help but to think about our sweet boy, and he’d rock to sleep each night, swaddled up in his little blanket, feet sticking out.

Which made me think about how that same little boy, just hours earlier, ran around a soccer field, not scoring any goals but having a lot of fun trying.

5 years. man. It went by in an instant.

But I’m getting off-topic, as I do when I reminisce. Who am I kidding? I get off-topic all the time. But anyways. Consigning. Baby stuff. Letting go.

I think I’ve only said, “Yeah, I think we’re done” out loud once. Maybe twice. It’s a BIG decision. And I’m not sure I’m 100% there yet. Right now, with the little guy only sleeping though the night 3 times in one year, I’m rather exhausted.  I don’t think I’m in the right mindset to make that kind of decision. And who says I need to make it now, anyways? So, in the meantime, I can sell a swing. it’s just a swing. right? It’s not like I can put El in it to magically transport him back to babyhood.

So the swing. It’s going to be dropped off tomorrow. Just because I’m dropping it off, doesn’t mean it’s gone for good. It could NOT sell. Then it’ll be back here this time next week. Hmmm….maybe I should take that as a sign…


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One thought on “64 baby items. One melancholy heart.

  1. If you find you need a swing, I’ll lend you mine.

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