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Hooray for pattern blocks!

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I chose Saxon for our math curriculum this year. So far, I love it. So far (and we’re only 14 lessons into it), every single lesson revolves around a calendar (the morning meeting part), and a manipulative. This hands-on approach has made it very easy to differentiate instruction for Mary and Elliot. Today’s lesson featured pattern blocks, and for the first time they had to copy a pattern (rather than just make the own design).  It went over so well, I found myself-mid lesson- googling more pages of patterns to print for them to copy. It was one of those moments when, even though I had a lot on the agenda for today, I just let go and let them explore this new concept.

The starting point- the shapes included in the lesson. Elliot did the sheet Mary has in front of her in about 30 seconds. Mary was eager to try the same shapes as Elliot.


I especially loved this lesson for Mary. She gets to do something with her hands AND we can talk about shapes and colors at the same time.

So proud of herself! Her fine motor skills are right where they should be for a 3 year old, but she gets frustrated when she can’t color as nicely as Elliot, or make her letters the right way. THIS is something she CAN do, and see her success right away.

Don’t think for a second that Elliot was bored. He was just as happy with this activity as Mary was! In fact, he was the one asking for more. I just love it when a lesson goes well!





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