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Magnet Mosaics

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I was at a local re-sale this past weekend, and when I saw the 600 piece magnet mosaic kit, I knew it was gong to be a hit with my kids, and it was.

What it is:

600 foam cubes, in about a dozen colors,  about the size of your pinky nail, with magnets on one side.

A magnet board.

Design sheets- I think there are about 20 designs in this kit. The designs are black and white, with little numbered squares all over.

What you do:

Each color has an assigned number.

Find a colored square on the design, find the corresponding color cube, place the cube on the square. Repeat until all the squares are covered.

Was it worth it? 

Every. Single. Penny.

At first, I was skeptical because there aren’t enough cubes to do more than one design at a time. So they would both have to work on the same one at the same time. But that didn’t seem to bother Elliot and Mary. They picked out a design and didn’t waste any time finding the colors that went with the numbers.  They seemed to be working well, so I took Mary’s clothes upstairs. Edison came up to  help me evacuate his dresser, so I put him down for his nap. Then I went back downstairs to….quiet. I was momentarily scared. But the quiet? It was because they were still working together! I quietly grabbed Edison’s clothes basket and tiptoed upstairs to put his clothes away. Back downstairs, and they were still working together. That’s when I had to get the camera.  I don’t expect that I’ll have this kind of harmony every time they work on this activity, but for today, I’ll enjoy every minute of it!




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