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Pumpkin Math!

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Halloween is Elliot’s favorite holiday (until November 1, when he remembers Christmas is coming). So if I can tie any learning activity to Halloween, he’s all for it.

Here’s a little math activity I put together to help Elliot practice his math facts.

First I took a few index cards and cut them into small strips.

Then I started with the number 4, and wrote all the addition problems that add up to 4 (0+4, 1+3, 2+2, 3+1, 4+0), one problem per strip. I did the same for 5 and 6.

Then I took three little pumpkins and taped one number to each pumpkin. Then he had to sort the addition problems to the correct pumpkin.

He loved it. He made a few mistakes, but he was able to correct himself and get all the math facts in the right pumpkin.


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One thought on “Pumpkin Math!

  1. Great idea!! Love it. Love his cheesy smile too! 🙂

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