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Doc McStuffins Day 2: Time for a Check-up!

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After the success of our pizzaria play, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have another pretend playtime with the kids. They were so excited to play “Doc McStuffins”, they raced through their lessons so we could play. We have a little medical kit we got from Build-a-Bear last year, and miraculously I was able to find most of the pieces.  I grabbed a couple stuffed animals, or “friends” as we call them here, and showed the kids how to be a veterinarian. First we had to find all their body parts and make sure they were okay: Where’s Queso’s nose? Where’s Dog Bones’ leg, is it okay? Then we had to listen to their hearts and their lungs, just like they have to sit through when they go see their Doctor.  Then it was time to take their temperature, where I got to explain what a thermometer was, and how it was different than the one that goes in their ear or on their forehead.  Then they got to fix their friend’s boo boo w/ a little cloth band aid.

They loved this.

This was a great chance for them to act out doing what they see their doctor do, and what they see Doc Mcstuffins do.  But mostly, I loved how amazingly gentle Mary was with her “friends.”  That’s why this post, it’s all her:


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