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Doc McStuffins day one: Chilly WINS!

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Doc McStuffins is a favorite around here. What’s not to love- she’s adorable, she’s incredibly kind, and she’s a great problem solver.  So while there are shows that I do have a problem with my kids watching, Doc McStuffins is not one of them.

When one of my favorite homeschool bloggers made a Doc McStuffins printable pack, I knew Mary would flip for it.  You can find it here.  There are times I need to have something for her to work on while I work with Elliot on a lesson. This was perfect!  And, it’s C and D week at our house, so it’s totally in line with our curriculum, right? Most of what we do is focused on Elliot with me making accommodations for Mary, so this also gives her something to do that’s special, just for her (but of course, Elliot will want to do it too!).

She started just by finding the matches.

Then I had her play a little memory game by herself. Not that she needs any practice in memory, she’s the reigning champ at our house. But it’s something she likes to do, and she’s got a great memory!

Then she moved on to the Roll and Graph. There’s a printable cube that you cut out and fold into a cube, with the different on each side. She needed to roll the cube and record who landed on top. I told her the first who gets to 5 wins! She’s watched Elliot do similar activities before, but this was her first time doing this on her own. She was thrilled! My other challenge to her: instead of making Xs in the box, she had to make Os because Os are circles, and we’re learning about circles this week.  She cheered a little “Doc McStuffins!” whenever she landed up, but Chilly ended up winning!



I love this shot of Elliot working on a money lesson (from the same site, the Monster Kindergarten Pack), with Mary working quietly in the background. With Edison sleeping ,this was one of those rare quiet moments in our house!





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