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Haunted Math

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My kids love Halloween. Have I mentioned that lately? If I can combine anything with a Halloween theme, they’re excited.

Enter: MATH.

Elliot, my 5 year old, is working on addition. Mary, 3, can count, but needs to work on number recognition. In this activity, they each got to work on the skills that are appropriate for them, but do the same activity!

On the No Time For Flashcards website, Allison posted a fabulous haunted house math activity, which was my inspiration for this. I tweaked it to fit our needs, and bonus: I had the ghosts already done from co-op 0n Monday.

So, here’s what I did:

1) Draw a haunted house on paper grocery sacks.  I used post-it notes to stick up the numbers we focused on.

2) Make the math cards, whatever skill you want to work on: number matching, counting, addition/subtraction, etc. Mary counted the dots and matched the numbers, Elliot did the addition and the number words.

3) I used little loops of painter’s tape on the back (safe for the walls), and gave them each one ghost at a time. If Mary got stuck, we asked Elliot to help her out.

4) Our house has been properly H A U N T E D ! ! !

And then they got silly.


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One thought on “Haunted Math

  1. You should seriously consider writing curriculum for wanna be home shool moms (or dads!). Just the thought of coming up with ideas and trying to figure out what has to happen when is sooooo overwhelming. Some (me perhaps?) would pay money for that stuff.

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