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November Recap

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Hey, it’s been awhile. Why? Why haven’t you posted regularly, Anna? (asked no one, ever).

November was a blur.
Week 1: travel to Ohio, spend a few days with my in-laws, then my husband had to attend a conference in Cincinnati, and I got the pleasure of going with. 2 nights away from the kids? (ie 2 nights of uninterrupted sleep? SIGN ME UP!!!). It was my first time leaving Edison, and I was a bit worried. But, I knew that we were only going to be an hour away, and that if the first night was THAT bad, we’d be able to come and get him for the 2nd night. Thankfully, both he and my mother-in-law were good sports and my husband and I got a nice little break, even though he was technically “working”.

The kids got to play with their only cousin, Owen. The weather was fantastic, and they even had some great leaves left to play with!


Week 2: home. What did we do? I can’t remember. I was getting ready for:

Week 3: Minnesota. Since we moved to IL almost 3 years ago, our tradition for Thanksgiving involves travel. The short work week allows us to spend some quality time with family without taking a ton of vacation (3 days of vacation for a full week off? deal!). We rotate families, and this year was our turn to visit my family in Minnesota.  Usually, I’m very excited to see just about everyone that I can when I’m “home”, but this time I was….well, exhausted. It’s been a very busy fall, and I really wanted to just have some “chill” time with my family. So we did as little as possible. We actually had almost 3 whole days where all we did was hang out at my parents’ home.  The kids got time to play and read stories with Grandma and Grandpa, and my husband and I got to relax a little bit, sleep in a little bit, and just enjoy some time together.  One of those days even involved a trip to our favorite Mexican restaurant and me introducing my husband to the loveliness that is: margaritas.  How he managed to survive almost 36 years without one still amazes me, but I think they’ll be a nice treat we’ll share in the future.

I’m a sucker for Christmas jammies. I’d be perfectly happy to dress my kids in matching sleepwear from Thanksgiving to Christmas. But, I’m finding it more difficult to find coordinating pjs in both genders and 3 completely different sizes without shelling out a huge wad of cash. I did find some at Carters though, barely. Who new early November would be considered “late” when buying Christmas pajamas? I usually bust them out sometime over the Thankgsiving holiday, so I brought them along with us to MN. We were in the middle of a unseasonably warm streak, so I was afraid they were going to be too warm. Here are my sweeties in MN, doing their mama a huge favor by humoring my pj obsession.


Week 4: recuperation. laundry. salad. Veggie soup (hopefully, a post on that will come soon). more laundry.






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