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A Page From Edison’s Diary

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Dear Diary,
Last night I tossed and turned, kicked mom and dad repeatedly and refused to go in my crib. Then I head-butted my mom to let her know that dad was in the shower. While Daddy got dressed, I made sure he knew that I was going with him. I tried to get him to turn on the Darth Vader bank, but all he’d say was, “Too noisy.”

After breakfast with Daddy was over (which I clearly told him I was done by throwing the rest of my food on the floor and squishing my bananas into my forehead), I screamed until he let me out of the high chair. Freedom!  While he went into the bathroom, I tried to hack into the CIA website via Mom’s laptop with my special bang-on-keyboard technique, but Mom came downstairs and caught me before I could gain access.

She doesn’t like to chase me before she’s had coffee, so she held me hostage in the highchair again while she sipped her coffee, but at least she gave me these cute little bears and 2 bowls to play with. When I was done, I threw them on the floor too. She let me out of the chair, and I decided to check out the tree that’s in our living room. Mom won’t let me touch any thing on the tree, which makes me mad, so I yelled at her and threw myself on the floor, hoping she’d let me play, but she just ignored me until I went for the tree again.

I crawled on the floor under the table, found Elliot’s chair and climbed up to see if he left me anything from breakfast. He did! I grabbed his toast crust and took off with one in my hand and one in my mouth. Mom saw me and I thought for sure she was going to take my prize away, but all she did was ask Elliot if he’d had toast today. When he said yes, she just shook her head and let me escape!

I ran to the playroom and tried to take a book away from Mary, but she screamed too loudly, I knew Mom would be in any second, so I let it go. Then I found a small Darth Vader toy! I am so happy I found him! I took him to Mom and started singing his song- you know, the one the bank plays in Mommy and Daddy’s room (the Imperial March). Mary was sitting at the table now, so I tried to climb on the chair next to her to see what she was doing, but she just screamed and tried to push my chair in.  Man! She’s worse than Mom when it comes to ruining my fun!

I found another one of Elliot’s toast crusts and sat down to enjoy it. Mom is still drinking her coffee. She looks happier. I hear noise of play coming from the playroom, so I think I’ll go check that out.  Maybe Elliot and Mary will let me play with them!




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Mom of 3 under 6. Expert coffee drinker. Homeschooler. Wanna-be-sewer. From-scratch cooker. And pizza orderer.

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