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Birdseed Ornaments

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When it comes to crafting, I don’t have time to be original.

I also don’t have a lot of time for Pinterest, much to my dismay.

What I do have is a pretty robust newsfeed on Facebook. Between blogs I follow and crafty friends, I get a steady stream of inspiration. The other day, my friend Emily posted pics of a craft project she and her awesome kids (who happen to be almost the exact ages as mine) did: birdseed ornaments (for outdoors).  They looked great! And…I had all the ingredients on hand, an added bonus. I jotted down the recipe and set it out to do in the next couple of days.

Emily took her inspiration from this blog here.

Basically, what you do is mix birdseed, gelatin, water, flour and corn syrup together in a bowl. Then you press into a mold that you sprayed with nonstick spray. For a mold, you can use open-topped cookie cutters or muffin tins. I used both. Then you poke a straw into the piece to make a hole to put a string through later. Then you let it dry, in the mold, for several hours. Then you can wiggle it out of the mold on to some wax paper, and then let dry even longer.

Here are the pics of our birdseed adventure, at the end I’ll post tip I suggest..what worked/what didn’t.

First, gather your ingredients with all intentions of taking pics of the entire process:


Little fingers helping.

DSC_0163 DSC_0164

Mary stuck with it until we were all done, she was very proud!


Our finished product!


And, for full disclosure, the ones that didn’t make it- either parts crumbed, parts of a gingerbread man’s arm didn’t to come out of the mold, etc. I’m going to repurpose them for our local birds.


What I learned:

use simple cookie cutters. our “fancy” ones- a turkey, gingerbread people,  didn’t turn out.

or better yet, use muffin tins. You can press them down better, and they all turned out great.

LET THEM DRY. I lost a few when I tried to wiggle them out of the molds too soon.

Measure. I may have let the kids measure the flour and birdseed, and I’m pretty sure I just eyeballed the corn syrup. I think my proportions were off just a bit, and that’s totally MY fault, not the recipe.

What I’m thrilled about:

My kids got to help make REAL gifts for some of our family members who love watching and feeding birds through the winter. They were pretty excited to help out and make something with their hands, and I’m sure they’re going to be watching for the birds to come find their ornaments on our back deck.


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