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If you give a boy a peeler…

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A couple days ago, I asked Elliot to help me make dinner. We’d had a rough day, with both of us getting frustrated with each other. When the other two kids were down for their afternoon naps, instead of just letting him go watch tv, I thought helping me in the kitchen might give us a chance to turn the day around. First we made “Muddy Buddies”, a delicious little peanut butter and chocolate coating rice Chex all tossed in powdered sugar snacky goodness.

He thought that part was fun, so I asked him to help me peel carrots. I showed him how to do it quickly, and I thought he had it figured out. He was working so intently, and I had a lot of other chopping to do, so it wasn’t until I had completely chopped my onion and garlic that I noticed he was STILL peeling the same carrot.

I had to laugh. He had to laugh. We called it the carrot light saber. Our day was fixed.

2012 12 December 21


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