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Going to the Circus

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I was going through some pictures from before the holidays, and I came across our circus pictures and decided it was such a great time, i can’t not post on it.

I’m 35. I’d never been to the circus before. In November, a small group of us got together and got tickets (thank you, friend-who-organized-that!). It was my first time. It was my kids’ first time. It was my husband’s first time…in about 30 years. 🙂

This was a Barnum & Bailey circus, held in some-event-center/auditorium/large place either by Schaumburg or O’Hare, I can’t remember. We got there early enough for the pre-show.  Normally, don’t even know if I’d think about doing such a thing, but the  same friend suggested it, so I was like, hey- why not? I am SO glad that we did!

We got to walk around on the arena floor, watching various acts do little stunts/tricks. Jugglers, dogs and ponies, stilt-walkers, REAL. Life. CLOWNS.


Jersey Shore clown?

Jersey Shore clown?

Some of these stunts were cute, but some were really impressive. Like I’m pretty sure I can’t do this, ever:

DSC_0064So this is the pre-show? What are we going to see in the real show? I really had NO idea what to expect.

All I can say is WOW. I was blown away.

DSC_0112A real Lion Tamer (trainer?)

Mesmerized. The WHOLE time. DSC_0208What I didn’t post pics of were the horse-riding tricks, the motorcycle on a high wire, the motorcycles in a circular cage (8+ of them!),  the acrobats doing tricks in what looked like clear giant Easter eggs suspended from the ceiling, and the finale. It was a great, great show, and I can’t wait to go again!


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