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We Love Jim Gill!

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Last weekend, we had the chance to go to go see one of our favorite children’s singers: Jim Gill! Have you heard of him? He’s fabulous! And FUN! And the kids LOVE him! We have a couple of his CDs, and we dance to him in our kitchen all the time!

DSC_0056This is the 3rd time we’ve gotten to see him in the last year. Why have we gone to see him so much? Because I’m a big fan of kids, music, and play, and Jim Gill delivers on all parts. And he gets my son out of his seat, dancing.  Elliot. The boy who, when toddler and preschool age, would never sit still for songs, fingerplays, and circle time, now LOVES them, sings along with the CD in the car. And this is the best shot I got him him enjoying the concert:

DSC_0069Mary, who would have normally been in the aisle dancing (she’s a big fan, too), was suddenly not feeling well. Even though she chatted us up the entire drive to Evanston (an hour away), she spent most of the concert in my husband’s lap. Poor girl. When we got home, her fever had reached 103.5- poor girl! Even though she must have felt terrible, she still smiled.


Despite feeling awful, she managed to sing a long to a few of her favorites!

Despite feeling awful, she managed to sing and play along to a few of her favorites!

Why are my pics a little of-center and out of focus? I had my hands full. I got to wrangle the little guy. It didn’t really require much wrangling, which is highly unusual, which made me think he was starting to feel bad, too. He stayed in my lap (and thereby rendering my picture-taking arms rather useless). But he had a good time, and was mesmerized by the concert!


I think Elliot was a bit starstruck, Mr. Gill came out before the concert and said hello to those of us waiting. When the door opened, Elliot looked up, eyes got wide, and said, “MOM. There’s JIM GILL.”  And we bought one of his books, A Soup Opera, and he signed it after the concert! Elliot thought that was pretty awesome, even though he was a little shy face to face with Mr. Gill.


You can check out Jim Gill’s website here.

PS. See that list? That from the “List of Dances” song! It’s a good one!

I am in no way compensated for this endorsement, I’m just a big fan of someone who advocates for children in a musically creative way!


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One thought on “We Love Jim Gill!

  1. Thanks so much for those kind words about my work, in general, and last weekend’s concert (in particular)! I am honored that there are parents and educators and librarians that have spread “the word” about my work through blog posts (like yours) or simply through old-fashioned “word of mouth.” That’s how folks learn about my music and books. And that is, truthfully, a bigger honor than having some corporate media outlet “pushing” my work.

    Having your famiy dance together in the kitchen to my music is EXACTLY what I hope for when I create it!

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