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Which explains my absence on here for a bit.

I am in the process of packing up our entire house, with three young kids attempting to help me out (one of which thinks I am leaving everytime he sees me grab a box, and therefore tries to get between me and the box, insisting that I pick him up).

It’s been a bit stressful and has really taken a big bite out of my computer time.

Hopefully, when all my family and their belongings are safely in our new home, I’ll be back with more posts. We’ll have a new neighborhood to explore, with new park district opportunities, new forest preserves to explore, and all sorts organizational challenges to tackle!

After 3 years of renting, we will finally be homeowners again! We can not wait!


Author: Growing Up Good

Mom of 3 under 6. Expert coffee drinker. Homeschooler. Wanna-be-sewer. From-scratch cooker. And pizza orderer.

2 thoughts on “Moving…Moving…Moving

  1. Congratulations on your new home!! How exciting! I wanted to let you know I really enjoy your posts! I am passing along the Liebster Award to you today in appreciation for your great blog! I hope you have fun with it if you chose to participate, and have a blessed day!

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