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The post-move Post.

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Wow! My last post was way back on March 3rd! Egad! That was 6 weeks ago (plus a couple days)!

This move definitely took a lot out of me- physically, emotionally, mentally, you name it, it was was pushed to the limit. There were times I was ready to wave the white flag, but I made it through.

It’s not our first time buying a home, but the loss we took on our last house and not knowing the area when we first moved here kept us renting for the last three years. We were going to buy the house we were renting, but I’ll be completely honest here: we didn’t get approved for the amount we had agreed on w/ the owners of our rental. In 3 years, there have been a few changes in the mortgage industry and what we thought was something we could afford 2 years ago when we agreed on a price, turned out to be a bit beyond our reach.  So, after swallowing our pride, we had to back out of that contract. Thankfully, there are plenty of great houses on the market, many at great, great prices! Here’s the highlights of our home-buying journey.

1) 24. That’s how many houses we looked at before I stopped counting. I’m pretty sure there were a few after that, too. And yes, all three kids were with us when we looked at them.

2) I fell in love with a short sale, but realized that I didn’t have enough emotional or mental stamina for all of the unknowns- the time it takes for the bank to accept or reject an offer, the possibility of a rejection after that time, etc.

3) I fell in love with a lot (think woodsy and park-like), but couldn’t make myself love the house, or the steep driveway.

4) We actually got into a bidding “war” with the house we decided was a great fit for us. Thankfully our offer was accepted.

5) Our mortgage guy didn’t handle an error very well. We almost walked out on his company, but felt stuck. Closing cost us a LOT more than initially discussed.

6) My mom helped one weekend, and the days leading up to the move, and my husband took care of his Star Wars collection, but everything else was packed by…me. I’m exhausted, and really, really tired of the moving process. However, I am so incredibly thankful of my mom’s help- she was an absolute lifesaver.  And in my husband’s defense- he is normally really helpful, this move just happened to coincide with a really, really busy time for him at work. I took it upon myself to get as much of the packing done during the day so we could all just relax a little in the evening and have *some* family time.

7) The week before (mostly the 36 hours before) closing, my entire family + my mom got an awful, awful stomach flu. The evening before our early-morning close, my husband, mom and I were sprawled on the couches, too miserable to move. The kids were eating their dinners off paper plates on the floor of the living room, kids shows on constant stream on the TV.  Their dinner? Crackers and fruit- the only things I could pull together before another wave of nausea pulled me back to the couch. And I was the one on the mend at the time- at that moment my mom and husband were in the worst of it.

8) Because of the plague, I refused to let any friends help us move the next day. My husband and I were feeling better, but knew we couldn’t do it all ourselves. We were able to find some movers online, and it turned out to be to be money well spent. Those guys worked their butts off for 6 hours, and got our rental truck loaded way beyond what we’d have been able to do ourselves.  Those guys can really pack a truck!

9) Closing went without a single issue. The way things had been going, I was really, really nervous about it! Despite all previous issues, we were in and out of the title office in less than an hour! We are home owners again!!!!

10) I think that all the hurdles and bumpy roads along the has helped me to appreciate this home so much more. I look around (like I just did) and smile. This is our home. There are still boxes everywhere, but I don’t have a timeline for unpacking. I’ve lived with too many deadlines this spring, I’m going to relax a little bit and take a little time to myself here and there. Hug my kids a little more, read some stories, spend more time in jammies (which, considering our dreadful spring, I don’t feel guilty about at all).

I haven’t take a ton of pictures yet- I’m not quite ready for a “here’s my new house!” type of post. But here’s a few:

My munchkins on Easter. Our new front steps.

My munchkins on Easter. Our new front steps.

The 3 amigos, looking down into our entryway. We've never had a house w/ a "balcony" before, and it's proving to be a challenge. They like to drop things over the rail. Daily. Evidently the scoldings are worth it? Sigh.

The 3 amigos, looking down into our entryway. We’ve never had a house w/ a “balcony” before, and it’s proving to be a challenge. They like to drop things over the rail. Daily. Evidently the scoldings are worth it? Sigh.


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