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Letter A

We are going to work our way through the alphabet this year, and is there a better place to start than the letter A? Actually, I’m sure there are some literacy activists out there who would argue that you shouldn’t start with a vowel…but for simplicity’s sake, we’re starting with the letter A. On Tuesday we matched upper and lower case letters, sorted our picture cards, and Elliot and I did a little lesson about Long A and Short A. Yesterday we used our special sword (a toothpick) and poked our way on the A trail through both Big A and little a, and we searched all over our big map of letters to find all the As with a do-a-dot wand (you’ll see them below).

Like the stuff I used today? You can find them at Confessions of A Homeschooler, whom I can’t believe I didn’t discover until recently!

Here are the activities we did today:

Mary’s laced-up letter A.

Then it was Elliot’s turn to do big A (they switched, but I don’t have a pic of little a being laced).

These are texture letters. The letters are a soft, almost fuzzy material. They trace the letter with the finger, following the path they’d take if writing.Special thanks to a friend of mine who gave me a set of these last month! I’ve wanted a set forever!

Mary traces the letters with her little fingers.

Then Elliot traces the letters. Seems SO simple, right? Both of my kids, Elliot especially, are very sensory-oriented kids. If I can involve their hands in some sort of tactile activity, they can sit for longer, pay attention better, and will do higher quality work.

And finally, dot-painted As.

Elliot said, “Hey look! A pyramid!”